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1.1 At any time the company will be financially responsible for the balance of the customer's account.

1.2 The company is financially responsible from the customer's first deposit record until all funds are withdrawn.

1.3 At the time of an inquiry, the client is entitled to ask the company for any amount of funds obtained from its account.

1.4 The only formal method of deposit / withdrawal is the method shown on the company's official website. Since the payer is not a partnership with the company and therefore is not within the company's responsibility, the customer bears all the risks associated with the use of these payment methods. Responsibility for cancellation or extension of transactions caused by payment methods. If the customer has any claims for any payment method, he / she is responsible for contacting and submitting a request for the support service of the corresponding payment method.

1.5 The company is not responsible for the actions of any third-party service providers that customers may use to deposit / withdraw funds. When funds are transferred to the company's bank account or any other payment-related account displayed on the company's website Clients are responsible for the finances of their funds. If fraud is discovered during or after a financial transaction, the company will have the right to cancel these transactions and freeze the customer's account.

公司 When the client's funds are withdrawn from the company's bank account or other company-related accounts, the company's financial responsibility to the client ends.

1.6 If there are technical problems related to financial transactions, the company has the right to cancel the transaction and its results.

1.7 The customer can only register one account on the company website. If the company deletes the copy of the customer account, the company has the right to freeze the customer's account and funds but not the right to withdraw.

Customer registration

2.1 Client registration includes the following two steps:

-Customer website registration.

-Customer identity verification.

完成 To complete the first step the customer needs:

-Provide the company with his / her true identity and contact details.

-Accept the company's agreement and additional terms.

2.2 To complete the second step, the company needs to provide

-A scanned copy of his or her ID or digital photo.

-Full copy of his / her ID including photo and personal details.

The company has the right to provide customers with any other documents, such as bills, bank verification, scanned bank cards or any other necessary documents required for identity verification.

2.3 According to company regulations, the identity verification process must be completed within 10 working days. Sometimes the verification cycle may take up to 30 working days.

3. Deposit process